Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Keeper of Words...

I often discuss an eclectic round of topics because its whats been mulling around in my head. Tonight I have been thinking about the past, the present and possible future. I of course only refer to myself and how I set things about. I don't want to focus on what the world is planning... yet another war... more bloodshed. Seems as humans our goal is to quell the fire temporarily because we have no solution to our human foibles. So I come to think of myself and decide its ok to be selfish at times.
As my readers may know I am a tarot reader and have been for many, many years. I often deal my own cards because so much turmoil has manifested in my life I just need to feel my path is not an ill chosen one. The tarot cards only show you what your choice can deal but it is never set since nothing is predicted. Since we can choose, my question is how will that choice affect my present and possible futures. So I throw the cards to see if it will help me decide. Does it help?
I can say yes. I have luckily been able to feel confident that my choices are well made and will bring the success I seek. The questions I get most often from others are, "Does it always show good news?" My answer, no.
Of course, it depends on the person and the situation. For a long time I was in a destructive relationship and knew it. The tarot cards described in detail what would happen if I didn't stop. I didn't want to listen I wanted to feel that my decisions were not a mistake and that my love was true. I have learned the cards warned me of my blinded love and the disruption it caused and how my future would not move forward. It was all true but I thought love was supposed to be all encompassing and the cards were just reading my life incorrectly. The cards showed I loved sincerely but was not reciprocated and I was being fooled. As time went on I realized I was hurting myself and allowing that precious part of myself to be mistreated by an entity undeserving. In the end I finally let go. It was the most difficult thing I have done. Amazingly the cards showed my struggle and even provided sympathy by constantly pushing me to realize I am stronger than I think. It has helped me heal but so have surrounding myself with great friends. Don't think I only rely on this method but sometimes we need another sympathetic ear to help us through difficult times. I know... I know... I talk about the tarot deck as if its a person but in a sense--it is. It is a aura of energy that surrounds us or as a friend told me spirits that guide.
Now the tarot cards are not for everyone and please remember I have been reading since I was a kid as I am over 30 now--revealing my age a bit. hahaha I would not recommend seeking a Psychic who charges for tarot readings unless they are recommending by reliable people. I usually read for friends for free and if I feel like it. For me its not a carefree play thing. I respect the cards and what is dealt. I may not like what it says but I have learned to understand them better each time. If you are intrigued about tarot reading I suggest to start reading about them and then you can test it out by using a plain deck set. Its simple and can help you build your connection with your own spirit guides.

Good luck and remember, what we seek is often not too far off and the truth has no shadows.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Positive Thinking...

I have heard the discussion about having a "Positive" view concerning any issues that may come about in the ever changing time that is our life. I believed in this way of thinking since I had been going through a hard time in my life but later on I realized it was a total cop-out. Why have I changed my mind on this?
Well because you know life is not supposed to be easy especially if you are seeking out a path that will be wrought with obstacles. As the saying goes nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Also, if you are surrounded by toxicity in your life then it's a given that you will have negativity around you--that's a duh moment there.
So if I am having a difficult day and then say to myself, "The day is going to get better--I must be positive!" and lets say surprise, it just doesn't get better then I have to once again make myself believe--"I must be positive". I really found this to be a cycle of fools. So your day has sucked and continues to... Well then why focus on how bad the day was and why not focus on just being selfish. Yes, a concept that may be totally American but seriously--how can you make the day not seem so bad. Well I say vent hopefully to a loved one who will be understanding then do something that is fun, relaxing and will take your mind off the bad day. Simple right?
You have to know, every day of your life is not always going to be positive but you have the control to make it better than when it started.
So what I do personally, is not give myself a cop-out. I want to live my life, I want to feel the bad and the good. That is how we grow and become better human beings. Having a perfect life is just not reality. I live in reality and know that yes its sucks today but it may not suck tomorrow.
As my favorite lady would say, "Tomorrow is another day!"
So don't use a cop-out to live your life, just damn well live it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year 2013...

I am always amazed at how the years just fly by and how life goes just as quickly.
The end of 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world as predicted by scientists who misinterpreting the Mayan Calendar. Well guess what the world keeps going and life is just as it is. Others mainly today's Mayan shamans stated the end of 2012 meant the end of things. You can see it as a completion to a book and the beginning of a new one.
So the Year 2013, is the destruction of the old order and the start of a new one. In our personal everyday lives you can see it as the ending of a possible hardship, a tumultuous relationship or the end of a sickness. I am being general for only those who have had tragic years before and hopes for a change. Of course those who have been having great years will be tested and thrown obstacles that must be overcome. This is only because you must prove that your well to do times are based on a good source and not evil doing. So look to this year as the year of change in all forms. Good luck!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

People's Coup (part two)

Well, since March we have seen other countries fight for their own liberties. Europe has taken notice especially since the economy goes gone to hell in so many countries. In the beginning it was only seen as a Middle Eastern Spring revolution but I believed it was more and I am proud to say I was not wrong. Finally, the U.S. people have thrown their hands up to finally protest what has been happening for decades or longer. NYC which is known as the economic capital of our country has become the capital for the People's protest. I am not speaking as what the media has been portraying these individuals-hippies, students with nothing better to do or just young anarchists. We are the poor, working class and barely middle class who have had to struggle to pay enormous bills which we can't seem to pay off. We are the disillusioned who once believed, the politician would find a way to help the little guy but all they have done is line their pockets and tell us "its for our own good."
Well guess what House of Representatives and Senators, we are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. Thank you so much Mr. President for continuing the tradition of ruling with the Corporations because they have told you--if you don't side with us we are gonna break those pretty legs and guess what--you gave in.

I have always stated to others the Big Conglomerate Corporations are just like the Mob from the 1930's. We are living in the time of Mob warfare except they are doing their dealings in million dollar business buildings and expensive suits killing jobs and our country because they have gotten too greedy. They have gotten permission from the government and now they act like they are the government. So what can someone do??

Well #occupywallstreet has done it. We have used what Egypt has taught us to spread our own agenda. All we want is to be treated fairly and be given the real deal--not backroom dealings. Politicians need to apologize to the American people for not being a better representative and decide to finally fight for us. We are not just a number in a census count, we are living breathing individuals with families to take care of. We Matter!

I stand by you those who struggle who wished to be heard. Stick to your beliefs and never use violence -- Gandhi said it best: "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

May the word continue to spread and may our indomitable will win out the evil around us. I believe, We Matter!

Friday, March 11, 2011

People's Coup...

It is March 11, 2011 and in the past 3 months we have had various Middle Eastern countries buck off their governments to hopefully establish much more Democratic ones. It all started with a man and a fruit stand in Tunisia who just didn't take it anymore and because of his bravery was able to jolt a whole nation into protest and eventually oust a corrupt government. The most amazing People's Coup was the one in Egypt that had millions of Egyptians marching in Cairo's Tahir Square to show Mubarak that they were done with his 35 year old Regime and it was time for a change. Well even though they were threatened even shot at their enormous will won out! It was simply amazing to watch these people grab their freedom with two hands and risk their lives for an actual democratic government. These actions also pushed Libya into a Civil war which has probably stunned the nefarious Gaddafi but so far the World has done nothing to help the People stop the "Mad Man" and their chances for winning seems dim but all we can do now is pray for them and hopefully they find a way to beat this crazy man.
Now we come around to the good ol' US of A where we are facing our own crisis, a possible class war. Could that even be possible? Well Madison, Wisconsin is proof of what may come. The Republican senate just passed a bill to curb collective bargaining for Unions, which means employees can no longer negotiate with their employers to seek better pay and working conditions. This was often seen as a given right and take for granted but now that it has been put on a bill to actually eliminate it all around --people are crying FOUL. I'm a union baby (meaning my Dad and Mom are in the Union) and know the immense need to have a Union sort of help you negotiate better wages and work conditions because it has been seen one single person can make a small wave but a large group of people can make the waves roar.
It makes me angry that the Governor who is backed by Koch Brothers a huge multi-billion dollar corporation can stand there with a straight face and tell the Wisconsin people --"It's for your own good!" Really?? who is he speaking to, the good of his friend Koch Brothers who would benefit greatly from a non-unionized company where they can finally treat the American worker as sadly as a third world country would. Then their are the words from some Republican voters and some non-union people saying -"So what! they should get those things cut-why should we have to pay for them?"
But what they don't understand is that this country was built by American workers of all kinds Union and Non-Union where we fought side by side to get a better quality of life for ourselves and our children -- This made us into the No.1 country in the world and a place to be envied! Now we are so below the standard and the corporations continue to make decisions on our behalf with no cries or shouts from us. They have put a stranglehold on this country. So should we continue to stand around blaming our fellow working class members or Shout and Stand for what is right!
The right for a better education for our children, better working conditions, better wages, better Pensions and damn well better health care! Why should we settle for less! We are the United States of America and if we truly believe in democracy for all we should start at home!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are there consequences for having a higher education?

It is strange to think so but imagine growing up in poverty and relying solely on education for a chance to escape it. Then to return to the ghetto, as a highly educated individual who has traveled the world, because your family still lives there. The ghetto such an ugly word but it does represent poverty, drugs, crime, gangs, people with less than a high school education and some only a high school education. Yet it also has working class immigrant families who struggle to make it in America and children who wish to be more than surrounded by poverty.

I cannot really interact with anyone in my parent’s neighborhood because it hasn’t changed since I have been a child. It’s sad to say this but I have come to hate this area. To hate the loud music, the foul language, ghetto slang, the drug dealers, and the poverty. I know families who are wonderful people with strong morals in which they never allow their children outside for fear of the bad influences of the neighborhood. Do I dislike the area so much because I feel I am better than they are? Or is it because I cannot understand why nothing has changed the mindset of the youth growing up in the area or the parents. Feeling better than another group is not something I would be proud of but honestly I do think like that at times.

As an anthropologist, I am to remain aloof of such sentiments but I cannot because I suffered the same poverty and have changed my life. Is it the change I made so drastic that I would never wish to return to live in this area again to help others. The answer is yes and no. I will help people but I do not wish to live among them. To live in this area one must understand the lifestyle and accept it. I cannot and I will not. I wish to live among others who I can clearly understand and accept. Therefore, for myself I believe a higher education does lead to closing certain doors and opening new ones. It is a great loss for the overall community but it is a good thing as an individual. So the higher your education the lower your tolerance for that life. Progress in its truest form.

Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup continues...

So, we are heading to the final eight for the fight for the World Cup. It was a sad thing to see the US team falter against Ghana, who I will say is a good team but the US could have beaten them. The US seemed pretty much lost out there in the first half and just didn't have enough to push it through. I also blame Coach Bradley for starting the worst 11 men and with other ppl I think would have helped the team push through but those are my views (my pick was replace Clark--Torres, Demerit--Spector, Altidore --Buddle, Findley--Gomez, Bornstein -- Holden).
Well for good news, I read in the media that it was the most watched game in US futbol history. This makes me feel all warm and tingly :) I really do love this sport and never understood why it was not something other Americans were interested in and now because of how our team had won in dramatic fashion time and time again gave the sport a different look to non-soccer lovers in the US.

Yes, our team lost but that shouldn't dissuade newcomers to the sport. Watch the World Cup and see how the best teams in the World fight for the coveted prize to be the best in the World. It is nothing like American sports like Basketball, Football (btw sorry i hate) and Baseball which scores are always in high numbers, referees rarely get involved and are not forbidden to use their hands. The sport I believe is more rigorous than any other, players must be quick with their feet and thought process, must be athletically fit since they must run miles and miles in 90 minutes or more and try to keep the ball from the opposing team then try to score against them.

This sport is fast, aggressive and can be unpredictable. So I hope the newcomers to the watching this sport will be enthralled to watch the rest of the World Cup and see what the rest of the world sees... Wow, that was a damn good game! :)

Coming up next: Paraguay vs Japan, Portugal vs Spain...
I'm hoping for Paraguay and Portugal to continue on...

On 7/2 10 AM ET: Brazil and Netherlands are gonna be facing off !!

That should be a hell of a game since both teams have been doing very well... Brazil is a five time champion but can the "Oranje" finally make it through after constantly being shut out!??
We will see...